Step into the best version of yourself so that you can attract + hold healthy love.

A 5-month intimate group coaching container to work through the mindf*ck of confusing relationships alongside women who get it so you can rewire to secure, mature relationships together.

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It's spacious.

It's intimate.

It's full of deep dives, safety, and vulnerability.

(And no, I'm not just talking about your future healthy relationship — although that CAN be a sweet perk!)

An intimate (4-woman) group coaching container, with confidentiality and solidarity, for your journey to healthy love.

Build a secure + empowered relationship with yourself
 so that you can confidently stand behind who you are, know that what you bring to the table is goddamn delicious, and not fall back into a less-than love.

Actualize all the self-help work you've done and finally shift your deepest rooted beliefs by integrating your past experiences, not just analyzing them.

Embrace your vulnerability and safely practice taking up space + speaking your needs so that these skills become second nature.

Become the woman you've always wanted to be so you can attract the man you've always dreamed of.

A peaceful, confident, and joyful way of living is waiting for you. 

And I’ll be holding your hand as you walk the journey to get there.

I stand for you. It’s time for a beautiful reawakening. ❤️

i want to become

I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to help women step outside of their default patterning, wake back up to who they are, and guide them to literally redefine what it means to be in relationship to self + others.


I was there with you.
Right where you stand.


Thinking I was far too emotional + broken to find a man, believing I had to settle for relationships that felt confusing and hard because I wasn't enough, and fearing that I’d be alone forever if I started rocking the boat. In fact, there isn’t anything a client has told me that I also hadn’t thought, believed, or experienced on some level. 

So, trust me when I say: I SEE YOU. And now that I can stand tall in my KNOWING and radiate self-respect from my bones in a way I have never before.

I've created my own fairytale.  Become my own savior. And am now experiencing a relationship with a man who celebrates the f*ck out of who I am, without all the masks.

I'm ready for healthy love too

Is this group coaching container the right fit for you?

This is NOT for you if you:

  • want a quick fix and no one to hold you accountable, give homework or support you more than once a week
  • aren't ready to dive beneath the analytical buoy that has been keeping you floating on the surface of what is possible for you

  • are not ready to commit to building a healthy relationship with yourself first and foremost

  • want to stick with the self-help books and podcasts and hope they work this time

  • prefer being a lone wolf and want to continue to try to do it all on your own

This IS for you if you:

  • want to increase your self-worth so you believe you deserve a healthy, conscious, reciprocal relationship - and know how to attract + hold it in your life 🥰

  • want to fully trust yourself and be confident in your decisions, so you can say goodbye to the second-guessing game 😎

  • desire to feel confident, live in alignment with who you truly are, and date again without fear or the need for validation 💪🏻

  • want to feel safe enough to explore the deeper roots of your limiting beliefs, uproot the hell out of them, and finally actualize all of the hard work you've put into yourself over the years 🌱

  • are craving peace, spaciousness, and relief from your anxiety so that your nervous system can finally come to a regulated place 🧘🏻‍♀️

  • want a safe sisterhood where you can establish, practice, and experience what it is to trust and be fully seen in your vulnerability (building those skills for your next relationship) 🫶🏻

Because this coaching container is not for everyone.

It takes a brave soul to decide to look for, find, and change their relationship patterns...

The 4 women who will be in this container are dedicated to their healing and want to heal from past BS so they can become the best version of themselves and finally experience healthy love.

The energy of this container will provide safety, spaciousness, and the invitation to be held as you fully immerse yourself in your healing journey.

I've got you.
You've got this.

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I'm ready to learn more about who I can become

I get it.


I was in a relationship that started out as the too-good-to-be-true-passion-fed-fairytale with the bad boy who promised me he was reformed.

He was SO captivated by me.

He told me I was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.

He promised me I'd be his wife.

The moon to his sun, the Queen to his King... I'd never experienced someone who wanted me so badly.

I felt like I had finally met my soulmate.

This euphoria was mind-blowing, the highs were fucking high, the sex was intense, and I was addicted to his infatuation.


I was floating in my dream come true.


But then, it starting turning into a slow burn of confusion + hopelessness...


It was in this relationship that I started to deeply believe that something was wrong with me and I was unlovable, more than I ever had before.

Our relationship became tense and I knew deep down I wasn’t happy.

But I also kept telling myself that he had so much potential and he wasn’t 100% bad.

After all, I’d SEEN him be curious about my feelings, dripping with desire for only me, and felt the specialness that came from all our exciting trips — it had to be the real him!

But, that reality somehow floated further + further away...

We fought.
I walked on eggshells.
And I felt like I was the toxic one, always causing problems.

I was anxious, on edge, and totally afraid to speak up to try to find resolve.

No matter how hard I tried, it felt like I was continuously running into a brick wall.

I felt empty + undesirable and had a constant guilt-pit in my stomach.


Every time I thought I had a solution — from all the therapy I was doing for the both of us, self-help books I was reading, and podcasts I was listening to — I was met with gaslighting + manipulation.

I was exhausted. And I lost myself.

I want to feel like myself again

I knew my light was slowly being sucked from my soul, yet it took me years to finally see that I had to leave.

Saying I was terrified would be an understatement.

I fought + justified the red flags with some goddamn tenacity until I couldn’t unsee what I finally allowed myself to see.

And it was ironic to me that it was detaching myself from him that gave me the freedom and peace that I was so desperately craving.

It opened space for me to slowly start to understand who the hell I was… outside of a man.

And let’s be clear:


Waking up at 8am on a Saturday morning realizing I had a full day ahead of me filled with just ME was consistently followed by a panic attack for AWHILE because I didn't know what the hell to do with myself by myself for that much damn time.

But, I sat with it. 

(When all I wanted to do was crawl out of my skin!)

I learned what I valued, needed + wanted, started setting REAL boundaries, found the confidence to put myself first (guilt-free), found peace, and felt reenergized + excited about life again.

Piece by piece, my highest self was being beckoned forward and through repeatedly holding true to myself, she reemerged. 

I reclaimed my confidence and continue to reawaken into my authentic SELF.

It is possible for you to find yourself again.

To know what you deserve and no longer settle for people who can’t meet you there.

Now I am in a healthy relationship with a conscious, respectful, gorgeous man (inside + out) that feels insanely passionate, calming, and like home all at once.

There are no games. No confusion.

I can make goofy sounds while puttering in the kitchen, feel at ease in the ghastly worn-to-shit sweatpants I’d normally hide from the world, and ugly cry in front of him without second thought.

He is an equal partner, mature, and emotionally available, and I can bring any feeling or need to him 100% sure that he wants to hear it. Because he loves me and cares about my experience.

We’re building a life together, each putting in the work, brick by brick, joy by joy, tear by tear.

And THAT shit? Priceless.

It is all the things that my past self would have smacked me in the face for if I told her, "It exists, Bre! It exists!" with unwavering excitement.

But let’s not get it twisted… I had to do THE WORK to go from the bad boy shit show to the real love encore.

That's why I'm so proud of other women doing the same in...

This group coaching container includes:

5 months of Coaching + Accountability Support

With 16 weekly 90-minute group coaching sessions held via Zoom.

Note: Sessions are privately recorded so you can access them if you need to miss a week.

Bi-Weekly Live Q&A

These open zoom sessions are optional extra support spaces for you to pop in for a few minutes to ask questions, or stay the full hour as needed.

All live calls include an Energy Clearing Meditation to begin our sessions.

A Step-by-Step Course of Foundational Material

Access to a comprehensive library of educational videos, action-oriented journal prompts, and guided meditative journeys, all moving you through my proven TRUST Method (outlined below) on your way to becoming the best version of yourself.

Plus a weekly Spirit Oracle card pull for contemplation and spiritual connection.

A Private Group Support Platform

A private group support platform via Slack for additional accountability, safe community, and processing space.

So you can reach out when you need to connect with other women who understand the struggle.

PS. Groups are never bigger than 4 women, so you can create deep connections.

Personalized Support

3 individual coaching sessions
 with me for whatever is coming up at that time where we can dive deep together.

This can include the use of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping) to regulate the nervous system + help process stuck emotions + traumas.

Or, an individual 1-hour Clearing Work™ session which uses intuitive kinesiology and EFT Tapping to energetically discharge core beliefs + fears rooted in the subconscious.

3 Nourishing Embodied Experiences

1. A live guided group Releasing Ceremony to energetically release the stories that are keeping your past self entangled.

2. live 2-hour group breathwork experience with Stacy Wallace LPC + Inspire Breathworker.

3. live private yoga class facilitated by The River Yoga curated to deepen the embodiment from that week’s topic.

The Low-Down aka

Your Questions Answered

I want you to experience a free session

So you can see what is possible in our work together. We will explore what is super present for you right now, giving you space to be heard in what feels hard to say (without judgement, I've been there). At the end of the session, if I feel like you are a good fit for Becoming, we can then talk about all the things.

Give yourself the space for a self-care moment that might just lead to 5 months of you being held in safety and community as you become the woman you've always wanted to be.

That's the next step! No commitment to sign up or pressure on the call.

Let's see if we vibe and this work is aligned for you, together.

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The TRUST Method was curated from my own healing journey.

This method holds important elements to finding your empowerment, letting go, healing, and cultivating your self-love so you can build a healthy relationship to SELF and open yourself to attract healthy relationships in your future.

Throughout the 5 month journey, you will also be guided in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping and The Clearing Work™ to help regulate your nervous system, find safety in your body, release stuck emotions and beliefs, and begin to nurture your inner relationship to your younger parts.


Taking Inventory

I will help you consciously and compassionately move out of Potential Land (aka the fantasy place of nostalgia + hope) and better identify where you are right in the here and now. From this place of clarity, you can see where you've been stuck and begin to heal and reclaim your vibrancy.


Reveal Who You Are, What You Want + Learn How to Protect It

Here we dive into what makes you, YOU. You will discover your truest values, needs, and wants AND why this essence is so important to protect. You will learn what boundaries are and how to simply set them to protect your peace and stop the energy leaks that are draining you.


Understanding Codependency + Why We Attract Chaos

Codependency is often a huge crack in the foundation of an unhealthy relationship. This element will help you learn what codependency is, how to disrupt your own codependent tendencies, as well as shift entire codependent relationships. We dive into why chaotic relationships can feel so damn addicting, discover the origin wounding that keeps you hooked into this familiar dynamic, and integrate the stuck energy that is creating your limiting beliefs - therefore shifting your reality.


Shame, Grief, Fear + The Stories We Tell Ourselves

We are expert storytellers. It is how we make sense of our experiences and our lives. But so often, these stories were adopted from our wounding, and we forget to revisit them as we get older to assess if they are still serving our story. Here, I will help you regain clarity and rewrite your limiting beliefs by embodying a new narrative. This process will help ignite your intuition, tend to your fears and begin to open space for you to rebuild trust within yourself. And, because there is never a beginning without an ending, we will navigate the grief that surfaces as we begin to let go of ways of being that are no longer serving our story.


Take Your Power Back + Turn Toward Healthy Relationships

As we move through the vital elements of the TRUST Method, you will be able to clarify your past ways of being that are no longer aligned with your higher self. To help you release these energies from a place of love and honor, you will experience a Releasing Ceremony which will open space for you to energetically move forward into your truest expression of self.

We will also identify the green flags of a healthy relationship, how to shift your vibration to attract conscious and respectful partners, and how to begin dating again so you feel confident in your ability to know a good relationship when you feel one.

I see you.

You are not alone.

And I can’t wait to meet you.

learn how to trust + have a healthy relationship

Want to know what's possible?

"The changes I made were more substantial than years of recovery groups and therapy. I finally felt like I had not only the tools, but the confidence and self-worth to be able to make a change. It propelled me forward."


"I wanted to learn to recognize the toxic patterns that I'd been repeating — not just romantically — but in my familial, friends, and even working relationship. Now I can catch my old narrative instead of letting it spiral and pull me down into it. I can also now see my core values as my pillar which helps me shift back into my authentic (higher) self when codependency creeps in." 

"I was able to let go of a lot of shame. I had no idea that what I had gone through was an emotionally abusive relationship. Going through this process with Bre was not only worth every penny, it was worth every second of my time and energy that I put into it."

me too, i want to join this sisterhood


is the next right step for you:

😬 You have pretty low self-worth

🥚 You find yourself walking on eggshells + people pleasing.

🙈 You often feel crazy, like you are the toxic one, worthless, unloveable, and guilty in your relationships and you fear being alone forever.

💃 You want to be yourself again + know what you want in life.

🚩 You recognize a negative pattern in your past relationships, but aren’t sure how to change it.

🤷‍♀️ You want to be ready for healthy love but aren’t sure what a healthy relationship really looks like.

🥱 You struggle to set boundaries + you feel completely emotionally + physically exhausted.

👀 You can’t let go of past relationships.

❤️‍🩹 You’ve experienced gaslighting, manipulation + narcissism and aren’t sure how to heal in order to move forward.

You don't have to struggle with feeling like this any longer.

You can begin now.

And it can feel better: your relationships, your self, your life.

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