Find Yourself Again

This self-guided online course will help you:

  • Feel in control as you begin your journey to become the best version of yourself you can be, with clear, outlined steps to get you there. 

  • Clarify and become unshakable in what you value in life so that you can feel independent + excited about the woman you are and the life you are building.

  • Identify your needs so you're surely grounded in what you desire + deserve, freeing up space for you to be silly and reignite to your joy.

  • Build your self-worth + confidence so that you can align + vibrate in your knowing, and attract in a mature man who celebrates the f*ck out of who you are.

  • Find peace within yourself so that you aren’t anxiously seeking a partner for your okayness, freeing you to feel solid being alone in your own company on a Friday night. 

You’ll have access to a private client portal which includes:

  • 3 simple + educational 15-minute guided video lessons that will help you actually - not theoretically - get in touch with who you are

  • 3 guided meditation journeys to help anchor in the messages, open space to connect to your higher self, and turn on your intuition

  • A practical printable guidebook with clear journaling prompts to support you in identifying your values, needs, and wants so

  • that you can stand confidently behind the woman you are so that you don’t lose her again


All with lifetime access! And if you try it and it doesn't land for you, you can have your money back. ❤️

$97.00 USD