EFT Tapping Circle for Families of Loved Ones Struggling with Addiction

December 28th  |  9:00 - 10:00am  |  Zoom
Limited to 5 spaces   |  $25


A safe space for you to receive support to process through your feelings, regulate your nervous system, and be held in your experience as the loved one of someone who is struggling with addiction.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) is an evidence-based somatic tool that helps to regulate your nervous system by sending calming signals to the brain.

It works to create safety in the body, allowing you to feel distressing emotions safely, and return to a calm state more quickly. Those who attend will walk away from this session with the tools and awareness needed to integrate EFT into your day to day life, helping you to manage your stress response and move through triggering moments more easily.

An email with the Zoom link will be sent out upon purchase. I look forward to seeing you there.


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Accelerated Awakening Retreat

February 9-15th, 2024
Imiloa Institute, Costa Rica (map)

As a co-facilitator with Wise Warrior Retreats, I invite you to our signature Accelerated Awakening Retreat 2024 held at the Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica!

We will take you through a transformational arch of experience, beginning from the moment you say "yes". We will support you in listening to the whisper that is ushering you towards remembering that you are here for something far greater than this human experience. The one assuring you that you get to have a life filled and fueled by inspiration, balance, purpose and play.

We will honor the part of you that is tired of spinning in the cycles of discomfort, heaviness, and exhaustion, and celebrate the part of you that is ready to awaken. 

Come dive into the magic of our energetic container designed to help you bust through limiting beliefs, shift stuck patterns, and release outdated conditioning, so you can unveil and unleash the power of your true nature to create the sustainable changes you most desire. 

Through our intentionally curated retreat, you will experience healing practices which weave together the modern science of the most current mental and physical health practices, along with the ancient wisdom passed down from indigenous lineages. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in experiential somatic based practices, receive and learn powerful energy techniques, participate in integration circles facilitated by a licensed mental health trauma therapist, as well tap into elevated states of consciousness which will offer guidance and sacred wisdom.

This unique approach offers deep healing to help you access something greater: Offering you clarity around the root of your suffering and an opportunity to release what is no longer serving so that you can alchemize your struggles and live the life you desire. Together we will release, heal, connect, play and come home to ourselves in the support of our safe and sacred retreat container.

The time is now.

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