Unsure where to begin?
My podcast and freebies can help!

Unsure where to begin?
My podcast and freebies can help!

Healing from a toxic relationship?
Struggling with codependency?
Not sure what a healthy relationship even is?

I've got you.

These weekly vulnerable conversations will give you tools + inspiration to make real change while wrapping you in the comfort of knowing you are not alone.

Let's journey forward, sister.

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Relationship Reset Guide
Want to expand your capacity to hold next-level love?


Instantly receive my 6-page pdf guide here you will learn how to...

  • ¬†Communicate your feelings (without feeling guilty) with an easy plug-and-play script
  • ¬†Navigate triggering moments maturely
  • ¬†Feel secure on your own so you aren't anxiously clinging
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How to Stop Going Back to Your Ex

  • You know you shouldn‚Äôt go back but¬†this will help you understand WHY you keep¬†getting sucked back into him
  • Gain clarity around how to let go of this vom-inducing merry-go-round and begin to heal your heart¬†so you can spend your energy finding healthy love
  • Be able to ask yourself the¬†3 vital questions¬†that will help you to¬†begin to let go of his potential so you can confidently be free
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7 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Think You're in a Toxic Relationship
Guided Exercise

  • Stop going back-and-forth in your head about what's going on
  • Know whether or not¬†your relationship has red flags
  • Figure out what to do if you realize it's toxic
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1:1 Coaching Session with Me
Virtual Zoom Call

  • We can explore what you're struggling with most in your relationship healing process
  • Figure out where you'd like to go
  • Receive support to get there
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I see you, and you are not alone. XO


FREE Guided Exercise

Gain clarity around a relationship that's making you feel "less than" so you can empower yourself to regain your happiness (without needing to change your parter)!

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