An intimate, 3-week one-on-one coaching program to clear the chatter in your mind so you can access your KNOWING + truly embody the woman you want to be in your relationship. 

Unearth the calm, confident, and self-assured woman within you
 who can be her best self with a man. 

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Do you...


ūüôą constantly argue with yourself ‚ÄĒ thinking one day you're happy¬†and then the next being completely convinced that things are not going to be okay and that you'll never figure out what you want?

ūü§∑‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ¬†just not know what the right decision is and kinda just want other people to decide things for you?

ūüėę feel like you need to "fix" what is wrong with you so you can create peace in your relationship, and are trying so hard that you¬†sink into bed exhausted every night as though you ran an entire marathon?

I know the pain of feeling lost and not knowing what is missing.

In my last relationship I was concerned that I wasn't showing up the best I could, and had a nagging feeling that I wasn't being my best self.

I second-guessed what I was doing and what I actually even wanted
, and I felt paralyzed.

I gaslit myself.

It was like my intuition took a hike and I was left swirling around in nothing that made sense anymore. I felt unconfident with everything. I could barely decide what size coffee I wanted.

All I wanted was to KNOW what I wanted and to feel peace with myself.

Ya know?

So believe me when I say: I know that not-knowing is exhausting and isolating.

I know what it's like to leave huge details out when your friends ask you how you and your partner are doing and leave the restaurant feeling torn up inside because you aren't being truthful with them.

I know how confusing it is to not feel totally happy, but also feel like you should be because your partner is a good person and maybe relationships are supposed to feel hard.

I know this crazy-making seesaw keeps you from asking for support because you're embarrassed that as a smart and successful woman you can't figure it out yourself.

And I know how to help you through it.

True knowing arises from a grounded, relaxed place.

Let's get you there with...

A 3-week one-on-one intimate coaching program designed to give you the safe space to process your inner dialogue with someone who GETS IT and has the tools to help you clear out what's blocking your wise, confident knowing.

I work with women day in and day out who are struggling with exactly what I've been through and have developed my own toolbox to get you out of the murky trenches and into the clear open field faster.

It's my honor to guide you out of the brain fog and into your own Knowing so you feel solid and can trust yourself. 

And then, knowing what beautiful destination you want to move towards, we'll map out how to get you there together.

i want to know

With me, there is no...

There is simply space for you to be seen where I have the tools to help you gently release any fears & blocks that keep you from connecting to your higher self and embodying her in your relationship.

Knowing goes beyond surface-level solutions.

3-weeks of focused time for you to:

  • unravel the knotted up not-knowing¬†in your brain that is draining your energy

  • access your confident, wise self so you aren't second-guessing things

  • feel sigh-worthy settled and¬†unshakable in knowing what you want and how to show up with confidence

Because I know the pain and desperation that comes with just wanting to KNOW.

And I will guide you to a peaceful feeling of relief so you can trust yourself¬†and¬†radiate¬†confidence ‚ÄĒ no matter what.

oh ya - let's get me some knowing

Is this 3-week program the right fit for you?

This is NOT for you if:

  • you want to continue to try to make sense of all the conflicting voices in your head alone
  • self-inquiry feels like something you'd rather not do

  • you aren't ready to process through some of the fears and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in indecision

This IS for you if you're seeking:

  • a settled feeling within yourself so you just know what it is that you want¬†

  • trust in yourself + your intuition so you can stop second guessing yourself

  • strength and confidence¬†to feel secure¬†that you are showing up as your highest self in relationships¬†

  • a safe place to process through what feels too embarrassing and confusing to share with others

What you'll receive from

  • 3-weeks of individualized support + attention

  • 3 weekly one hour 1:1¬†sessions on Zoom with me (Bre ūüĎč) to help you find clarity in your experience¬†and a deep knowing of what you want

  • Voice note and/or text support¬†outside of our¬†sessions for real-time guidance during our 3 weeks¬†together

  • Free access to my pre-recorded fully guided Releasing Ceremony to help you let go of a story that is no longer aligned for you (complete with directions on how to make your experience magical)

Investment: $397

Money back guarantee: If you're not vibing with the support after our first session.

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Want to embody your best self in your relationship?

This is for you, sis.

ūüí°¬†Think of the¬†strength you'd have¬†if you had your full capacity back and your light turned all the way up...

ūüôŹ¬†Think of the peace you could feel after waking up from a solid night's rest¬†knowing you are showing up in the ways that are aligned for you.

ūüėĆ Think of the relief that could come from having genuine deep convos with your girlfriends again because you don't feel embarrassed or have to hide how things are going anymore.

It can be yours with Knowing.

Sign up below and I'll see you on the other side!

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