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3 Red Flags in a Toxic Relationship

article red flags toxic relationships Oct 10, 2023


Not sure if your relationship has red flags? Or maybe you are feeling the tingle inside that something isn't quite right in your relationship, but you aren't sure what it all means. 

Knowing what is healthy in relationships, and what isn't, can help you find clarity.

Because where there is clarity, there is empowerment.

So, let's walk through 3 of the big red flags in toxic and/or dysfunctional relationships:

  1. 🚩 There's no space for your emotions or feelings

    Do you try to bring up how you are feeling or ask for something you need and get dismissed? Do those conversations usually turn into a fight? And do you leave feeling guilty for having spoken them out loud? If you are met with constant frustration from your partner for being a human and HAVING NEEDS, it is a bad sign. In healthy relationships, there is space for you to speak freely and safely without having to hide your true feelings and walk on eggshells.

  2. 🚩 Your partner never takes accountability

    Do disagreements turn into fights that you then end up apologizing for....ALWAYS? Do you leave these conversations more confused than clear? Is there any resolution to your never-ending arguments? In a healthy relationship, both people take accountability when necessary. That means, actively listening to how you've hurt the other person, apologizing genuinely, and committing to staying conscious of changing the behavior that hurt them.

  3. 🚩 You're emotionally exhausted all of the time (aka burnt the f*ck out)

    Is what your partner is doing/not doing consuming your thoughts? Do you find yourself feeling anxious, let down, irritated, annoyed, and/or frustrated toward them for a majority of the time? Do you feel more anxiously attached than ever before? Are you picking up their slack around the house or making excuses for their behavior to family and friends?

In a healthy relationship, love and happiness should be more present than confusion and hopelessness. 

There are disagreements and frustration, yes, but there is also resolution and repair that strengthens your connection.

A healthy relationship doesn't drain you. It adds to your brilliance.

As you read through these red flags, what do you notice about your relationship?

Need more clarity? Use this 7 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Think You Are in a Toxic Relationship free guide.

Always in your corner ❤️.

Soul Hugs, 


PS. I'm here for you as you find clarity and make sense of your situation. Schedule a free session to see how I can support you in your journey.



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