inner child healing after a toxic relationship

I'm Here for You, Baby Girl

bre's personal journal inner child healing Feb 14, 2023

All the time spent deconstructing beliefs.

Going deep into your wounds.

Feeling your pain.

Crying your tears.

And acknowledging your fear.

Is for you.

All the moments crying in a ball in the dark.

Wishing the feeling didn’t hurt so bad.

And holding myself through it.

Is for you.

All the conversations where I choose to say the hard thing.

To honor your voice.

Be your protector.

And change familiar patterns.

Is for you.

Because I know when I show up for you…

I can show up for us.

And life can take a turn into a place full of beauty that we never thought we had the map to.

It is in my relationship with you that I am able to connect authentically to others.

And I thank you.

For speaking up when I’ve shushed you down.

For not giving up on me.

I’m here for you, baby girl.



Soul Hugs, 




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