The secret to getting the's not what you think

confidence healthy relationships Mar 20, 2024


I have to be honest with you… I don’t really care if you get the guy 😱.

My work with women goes so much deeper and is about so much more than that.

It’s rewiring and reprogramming everything that keeps you stuck, small, and settling for a less-than love… but also a less-than life.

You’ve probably heard the quote “we accept the love we think we deserve” and I think that’s true of anything — we accept what we think we deserve.

The women I work with wake up to their worth, in unstoppable ways. Once they can hold themselves through all the emotional waves 🌊 and know, without a sliver of a doubt, what they want and that they deserve it — there’s no stopping them from getting it.

There is an undeniable, palpable power that shifts the course of the future when a woman claims what she desires. 🔥

That’s why I don’t really care if you get the guy.

I care that you wake up to your worth + radiance ☀️ and live a life that is wholly yours; true and beautiful... and don’t sleep your time on Earth away with half your life force draining from you because you're fixated on a painful, confusing relationship.

I care that you’re secure 🥰 and happy all on your ownand don’t need the guy/job/house on the outside to make you feel safe inside.

I care that you teach your daughters how to go after their dreams by going after yours and show them they're lovable in alllll their brilliance and wild emotionsand don’t teach your daughters to accept a half-love or appease a man with accommodating smallness to stay.

I care that you’re with a man who models how to be responsible for their own emotions, communicate clearly and healthily, live a purposeful life guided by values, and how to love and treat womenand don’t raise boys who pick up on ways to undermine women’s places in this world, use women to make themselves feel okay, and contribute to any woman not believing in themselves.

I care that you take a stand for your little girl self who believed in big loveand don’t throw her dreams, playful spirit, and innocent, never-doubted deservingness away.

I care that you hear the wise woman in yourself who knows the wayand don’t think that other people have the answers or know better than you.

Because when that happens...

You don’t need something, anything, from your man.

You’re not afraid of being left.

You don’t need a relationship to fix you.

You don’t need anything to make you feel okay.

And guess what? Not needing the guy is the secret to getting the guy, the love, the marriage. 


You might think I help you heal from painful, confusing relationship dynamics so you’re rewired to accept nothing less than — and get that — healthy, real love... and that absolutely happens.

But what I REALLY do is help you feel secure, whole, worthy and happy no matter what.

This is the brain bath you will soak in in my coaching containers.

Because once it seeps into your very being, it’ll be inevitable that you wake up languidly, satiated in your reality before even opening your eyes, being held physically and emotionally by your man, knowing you are safe, seen, and encouraged in your full expression. It’s the good morning you always dreamed of... and it’s possible sooner than you think with the right support.

Once you become, your happiness, your love, is guaranteed.

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